Award-winning film composer Marc Streitenfeld is known for his uniquely diverse style – ranging from purely melodic orchestral compositions to unusual instrumentations and haunting, organic sound creations.
Born in Munich, Germany, the mostly self-taught musician started playing and composing music at a young age and performed with several bands before re-locating to Los Angeles at the age of 19.

Streitenfeld’s first job in the film industry was assisting Academy-Award winning film composer Hans Zimmer. The collaboration with Zimmer ranged from playing guitar on Crimson Tide to working as a technical score advisor on films like Gladiator  and The Thin Red Line  which gave Streitenfeld extensive experience working with orchestras. This led to several other engagements such as assisting film composer Carter Burwell on Being John Malcovich  and Three Kings  and working with guitarist Eddie Van Halen in his studio.
Streitenfeld also worked as a Music Editor and Music Supervisor on films including Mission Impossible 2, Black Hawk Down  and Kingdom of Heaven.

Legendary director Ridley Scott offered Streitenfeld his first composing job when he asked him to write the score for A Good Year. Streitenfeld has written five film scores for Scott including the BAFTA nominated score for American Gangster, for which he won the prestigious “Discovery of the Year“ Award at the World Soundtrack Awards, the Sci-Fi adventure Prometheus  and the action adventure Robin Hood.
The composer has also been recognized for his work with three ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards and two International Film Music Critics Award nominations. Most recently Streitenfeld collaborated with Scott on the high profile HBO Max Scifi series Raised By Wolves  will continue composing on the upcoming 2nd season of the show.

Streitenfeld has worked with numerous other highly regarded directors, including Marc Forster on All I See Is You, Joe Carnahan on the action drama The Grey, Gil Kenan on the remake of Poltergeist  and Andrew Dominik on the crime thriller Killing Them Softly. The composer recently completed work on the WW2 drama, Six Minutes to Midnight, starring Judi Dench, schedule for release in 2021.